AMA 2014 Performances – Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, One Direction, Iggy Azalea


Taylor Swift opened the show with an amazing performance of “Blank Space.” She was sitting at a table that was suspend in air.

True to form, she started out romantic but then things got crazy. She gave an apple to the guy sitting at the other end, and he immediately began choking and died.

Then the Shake It Off singer found out that she can light things on fire Carrie style. She met a guy for a moonlight dance but then, once again, things got ugly: she threw him across the stage.

Then a bunch of roses caught on fire and she became obsessed (I’m anxiously awaiting the illuminati conspiracy theories). We hear three knocks on the door and it opens, revealing yet another man-victim!

By far Taylor Swift’s performance was the best of the night. Other performances include:
-Sam Smith
-Mary J. Blige
-Ariana Grande (close second for best performance)
-Nicki Minaj
-Jess J
-Charli XCX
-5 Seconds of Summer
-Jennifer Lopez

Watch the video above for all the highlights and let me know which performance was your favorite! Don’t forget to subscribe and follow me on Twitter


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