President Obama Pardons Turkey, Daughters Look Bored


Cue the sad trombone. Obama spared the lives of two turkeys, Mac and Cheese, at The White House today. He managed to crack a few lighthearted jokes while doing it.

Everyone had a good laugh. Everyone but his daughters of course.

Sasha and Malia barely spoke at all. But their body language said everything.

The National Thanksgiving 2014 Turkey ritual is held every year at The White House. The president of the United States pardons a bird from becoming a delicious meal.

This year, Obama saved two birds named Mac and Cheese. “I am here to announce what I’m sure will be the most talked about Executive Action this month,” the president stated. The crowd laughed and the girls stared into space. Vacant.

At the end Obama remarked, “Turkey’s don’t have the best looking face… Girls, you want to pet him?” “Nah,” Malia said. They left as soon as they could.

It turns out the Obama clan is exactly like any other family: they don’t find their dad funny. Mind you, Obama definitely gave me a slight chuckle!

Watch the video above and let me know if the president of the United States made you laugh.


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