Donald Trump Russia Ties, Comey Hearing, FBI Is Investigating


FBI director, James B. Coomey, announced today that the FBI is investigating whether members of President Donald Trump’s campaign interacted with Russia to influence the 2016 election.

Donald himself insisted that quote “Russia is fake news” end quote that was cooked up by his political opponents to undermine his presidency. 

Mr. Comey said that he will investigate the Russia ties quote “no matter how long that takes” end quote.

Mr. Comey also dismissed Donald Trump’s claim that he was wiretapped by his predecessor during the campaign. This was a sensational and unfounded accusation that gaslighted public debate over Russian’s influence on the 2016 Presidential Campaign.

The New York Times and other news organizations have reported the existence of the investigation into the Trump campaign and its ties to Russian, but the White House dismissed those reports as politically motivated. Mr. Comey’s testimony on Monday was extremely important because it was the first public acknowledgement of the case.

In January, American intelligence agencies found that President Vladimir Putin of Russia personally ordered a covert effort to hurt Hillary Clinton’s chances and help Donald Trump. This effort included hacking political targets like the Democratic National Committee and releasing embarrassing emails through the website WikiLinks.

Donald Trump Russia Ties, Comey Hearing, FBI Is Investigating

American officials have so far found no proof that there was coordination with Russia, but current and former officials say they have found evidence that Mr. Trump’s associates were in repeated contact with Russian officials. 

A longtime adviser of Mr. Trump, Roger J. Stone Jr, acknowledged communicating with Guccifer 2.0. Guccifer was an online personality believed to be a front for Russian intelligence officials involved in releasing hacked Democratic emails.

When WikiLeaks began distributing hacked emails, Carter Page, a foreign policy adviser to Mr. Trump, visited Moscow. Mr. Page did not disclose who he was meeting there. 

Michael T. Flynn, a Trump campaign adviser who went on to be his national security adviser was paid $65,000 by companies linked to Russia in 2015. One of the companies was an American branch of a cybersecurity firm believed to have ties to Russia’s intelligence services. Mr. Flynn was forced to resign. 

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