Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Back Together: “Sorry” “My Girl” Acoustic Performance


My heart is melting.

My favorite on-again/off-again couple, Justin and Selena, had a romantic evening together at the Montage Beverly Hills last night.

A new video shows the Biebs singing “My Girl” to Gomez as she looks on. It’s the sweetest thing.

This was all caught by a fan who was “having a drink at an empty hotel bar,” when “Justin Beiber came out of nowhere and begins to sing on the piano.

She saw that he was singing “Sorry” and “My Girl” to his ex lover.

Afterwards, Bieber invited her to chat at his table. He even took a picture with them, and the camera person was Gomez.

Is that a shot of Gomez with her legs between Bieber’s? Are Justin and Selena back together?

Twitter weighs in! Fluff ‏@ArianatorPalace writes, “*sees Justin and Selena trending* if only it was Ariana and Big Sean.”

Anka ‏@SecuteBelieber says,  “‘i wish Justin and Selena could find someone better than each other’ maybe they both find themselves better for each other & they’re happy?”

Selena Gomez News ‏@LifeWithSelG tweets, “Justin and Selena have a long history together, they have both matured and grown up, it’s about time you let them do what they want!”

But what do you think? Are Justin and Selena back together? Watch the video above and let me know in the comments below.



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