United Airlines Passenger Removed and Arrested from Overbooked Flight


A man on an overbooked United Airlines flight was forcibly removed from his seat and dragged through the aisle on Sunday, and video of his protests by him and the other passengers spread rapidly on Monday as people criticized the airline’s approach to the situation. One of the police officers have been placed on leave, the authorities said.

United Airlines Passenger Removed and Arrested from Overbooked Flight

At least two passengers caught the confrontation on the flight, which was departing from Chicago O’Hare for Louisville Kentucky at 5:40pm but was delayed two hours. The videos show a police officer in plain clothes wrestling the man from his seat and dragging him by his arms. His glasses slid down his face and his shirt rose above his midriff. Then the uniformed officers came in.

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  1. United Airline should close down and get the hell out of town. I hope the man get the best Attorney and sew United Airline and the Police Department for all they have. That man could had been me, I hope every body boycott United Airline and put the Jackasses out of Business.


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