Nicki Minaj ‘Only’ Lyric Video Accused of Using Nazi Imagery


Yesterday Nicki Minaj released a lyric video for her song ‘Only’ featuring Drake, Lil Wayne and Chris Brown. It prompted a huge backlash since the video referenced Nazi symbolism.

There is the black and red colour scheme, Nazi-esque Nicki Minaj logo, leather clad soldiers with red arm bands, an ominous dictator, and a general sense of death.

The director is Jeff Osbourne. Neither the Anaconda singer or Osbourne commented on the video, but Osbourne is retweeting statuses regarding the Nazi symbolism.

As Isha Aran from Jezebel states, “…this is just lazy. I’m usually #TeamNicki, but this video is basically one giant tug of war between dumb and offensive.” I couldn’t agree more. Usually I’m #TeamNicki but this is just exceedingly wrong and offensive. Especially happening around the anniversary of the Berlin wall! Unbelievable!

What do you think? Did Nicki Minaj intentionally reference Nazi propaganda? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!


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