Jim Carrey Saturday Night Live Dance to SIa’s “Chandelier” with Iggy Azalea and Kate McKinnon


Office parties can be terribly awkward. And Jim Carrey’s Saturday Night Live skit perfectly captured that.

Kate McKinnon showed up to the party replicating the young girl from Sia’s Chandelier music video. It turns out, Carrey wore the same outfit.

There was only ONE WAY to solve this: and that’s a good ol’ fashioned dance off.

McKinnon and Carrey tried showing each other up. Even heading into the audience where Carrey found a mattress and began performing lamas. Even Iggy Azaelea got in on the action.

But at the end, it seemed they reconciled, embracing each other in an epic lift. When the dance off was over, the winner was announced. And it wasn’t either of them, but Joanne who was misunderstood as dressing up as a meatball or marble (but she was really just a woman trying to get by).

Who do you think won? My bet is on Jim Carrey, although I may be a bit biased since I am Canadian. Watch the video above and you be the judge!

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