Winona Ryder Faces SAG Awards 2017 Stranger Things Acceptance Speech


Winona Ryder’s face during the Stranger Things acceptance speech was so extra. As David Harbour was making his political statements during the speech, she was making some very strange faces.

Ryder, who stars alongside David in hit Neflix series “Strange Things”, couldn’t help contorting her face showing off her incredible acting abilities. She made these hilarious expressions while her co-star delivered a memorable speech for winning Best Ensemble Drama.

Winona Ryder Faces SAG Awards 2017 Stranger Things Acceptance Speech

The actor appeared to take a jab at President Donald Trump and made what he thought about the current political climate in the United States of America known.

45 year old Winona seemed to not know what was coming and her and the audience were led through a rollercoaster of emotions. The star jumped from surprise, confusing, understanding, shock and delight. Viewers through she was a human gif factory.

Jen Lewis somehow managed to take 28 screenshots of Winona Ryder.

Jordan Ross writes, “Never seen anyone experience as many emotions within a minute as Winona Ryder did during David Harbour’s SAG Awards speech.”

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