Your Pinterest Post Lasts the Longest: Social Media Statistics 2013


It’s the end of the year, and it’s time to round up some social media statistics. Cause, why not?

In collaboration with Likeable Media, Shari Donk and Samy Simorangkir, I present to you some interesting facts about Social Media.

Did you know your Pinterest post last the longest? On average, your pins about puppies and souffles last about one week. Compare this to just 80 minutes on Facebook and just 5-25 minutes on Twitter.

50% of all tech companies found a new customer on Twitter. I can’t really vouch for this, other than finding the wonderful people who made this infographic ‘10 Surprising Social Media Statistics‘ on Twitter. Twitter truly is a great communication tool if you know how to engage people (which is a very hard to acquire skill.)

New social media platforms pop up seemingly everyday. Twitter just released a new blogging platform ‘Medium‘ where it matches your interests with other like-minded people.

Google Plus is constantly changing (now connecting your YouTube comments to your profile), Instagram added video, and Pinterest allows you to map your pins. It’s interesting to see which platforms grow and become mainstay.

Included in the social media statistics are:

-LinkedIn acquires two new members every seconds

-250 billion photos are uploaded to Facebook daily

-100 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube every minute

Cutting through the noise is exceptionally important to your social media strategy.

What social media platform will we see emerge next?



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