Ohio State Fair Accident Full Video 2017: Fireball Throws Riders 50 Feet


Inspectors looked over a thrill ride when it was assembled at the Ohio State Fair and signed off on it hours before disaster struck. The ride flew apart and flung passengers into the air.

Investigators on Thursday tried to find what caused the opening-day wreck that killed a high school student who had just been recruited into the Marines. In total seven people were injured including four teenagers.

The Dutch manufacturer told operators of the same ride to stop using it until more is learned about what caused the malfunction. Fairs around the world reacted by closing down that same attraction.

Ohio Governor John Kasich shut down all rides at the state fair and ordered them to be inspected again. He said, “It’s a nightmare. It’s a terrible situation.” He also stated it was too early to tell whether inspectors had overlooked something.

Ohio State Fair Accident Full Video 2017: Fireball Throws Riders 50 FeetA bystander took a video of the ride, which is called Fireball, and captured one of the sections where people were seated crashing to the grown. Screams could be heard as at least two people were ejected and fell to the ground.

18 year old Tyler Jarrell, who had just enlisted in the marines, flew 50 feet away and was pronounced dead on the scene. The injured ranged in age from 14 to 42. At least two were listed in critical condition. Some people were hit by debris. Jarrell’s girlfriend was among those seriously injured.

My heart goes out to all the victims and families involved in the Ohio State Fair accident.


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