Justice League’s Superman Henry Cavill Pranks Suicide Squad’s Will Smith at San Diego’s Comic-Con in DisguiseSuperman getting a pic with one of the bad guys proves miracles do exist.

Man of Steel actor Henry Cavill went to meet the cast of Suicide Squad on San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday. But given that Superman would never do this in real life, he had to go in disguise.

Cavill wore a Guy Fawkes V for Vendetta mask to go to the event without getting mobbed. But he still managed to pose for a ton of photos.

The 33 year old actor asks Will Smith for a photo. And when Smith turned towards the camera, Cavill lifted his mask for the photo op. When he turns back, Smith realized the true identity of his fan and began to laugh hysterically.

He made his way down the line to have the rest of the cast sign his shirt.

he video was posted on his Instagram and he captioned the photo. “Best Comic Con yet. I got to be here for Justice League but couldn’t miss Suicide Squad.”

Suicide Squad will be in theatres August 5th.

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