Warning: this video may be a thirst trap.

On Monday night there was a wardrobe malfunction on Australian Survivor 2017 that got everyone well, excited. Locky and Mark paired off to compete against each other. Locky Gilbert is a 27 year old adventurer and Mark is a special ops commander.

Australian Survivor 2017 S04E02 Highlights: Contestant Locky Gilbert Naked Butt, Mark Wales wrestles, Jonathan LaPaglia’s biceps look onOne member from each tribe – Asaga and Samutu – had to go down a slip and slide and grab the ball at the very end. The first contestant to get the ball and bring it to their checkpoint would score a point.

Things were going as a smooth as a baby’s bottom. But halfway down the slide Lock lost his shorts and the full moon was out even though it was daytime.

Locky didn’t get distracted by the extra balls and actually ended up completing the challenge and winning the point for Samatu.

It turns out, were all winners in that challenge.

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