Apple iPhone 6 Keynote Live Stream Highlights: Apple Watch, iWatch, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple Pay


The Apple iPhone 6 keynote livestream was a technical disaster. Apparently it was caused by a javascript error. Everyone was getting a Chinese track and “Server Down” messages. But we still were treated to three major announcements.

The iWatch has sensors on the bottom that track your heart rate. It’s great for keeping fit. But lefties aren’t too happy about it and you have to commit to an entire Apple ecosystem to get all the features.

The new iPhone features two screens: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. Both iPhones ship in iOS 8 and you can get them this month! I like the extended battery life feature.

Lastly is Apple Pay, which works exactly like your credit card. But on the iPhone. Both the iPhone and iWatch have this feature built into it. Apparently it is secure and Apple doesn’t track your spending habits. But after the iCloud leak, can we be so sure?

Check out all the highlights from the Apple iPhone 6 keynote livestream above – including the guy with the infinity scarf and a strange handshake!


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