Zayn Malik BEFOUR: Diss to One Direction? The FADER Magazine Interview REVIEW


Zayn Malik goes shirtless on a motorbike as he unveils new music for BEFOUR in his first major interview since going solo.

He says it’s a very liberating experience, since being in One Direction he didn’t have much creative control. That’s probably why he’s shirtless on a motorbike.

“There was never any room for me to experiment creatively in the band,” he says. “If I would sing a hook or a verse slightly R&B, or slightly myself, it would always be recorded 50 times until there was a straight version that was pop, generic as fuck, so they could use that version.”

Apparently his new album sounds like The Weeknd or Frank Ocean. I am very excited to hear it.

On his new album he says it was like a canvas: “To me, it’s like I stood in front of a canvas for about five years, and someone said like, ‘You’re not allowed to paint on this canvas.’ I’ve got the paint, I’ve got the fucking brushes, and I can’t get it on there. Now someone removed the plastic and was like, ‘Alright, you can now paint.”

Is he scared he won’t be as big as One Direction? No because he wants to make his kind of music. He tells The FADER Magazine,  “I want them to believe what I’m saying. I just want to make music now. If people want to listen to that, then I’m happy. If they don’t want to listen to it, then don’t fucking listen to it. I’m cool with that too.”

is the Zayn Malik’s BEFOUR a diss to One Direction? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe.


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