Your Content Marketing Strategy Will Become Increasingly Important in 2014

content marketing

Content marketing is becoming increasingly important to your business strategy. Here are some things we learned in 2013 to convince you we learned in 2013.

content marketing 2014More and more people are turning to digital media, and content will be its own role or department

YouTube is more likely to reach the 18-24 demographic than any other traditional media. Twitter’s fastest growing demographic are those aged between 55-64. These and other reasons are some of the reasons why companies are starting to invest in content marketing.

Regulations surrounding native advertising (re: web advertising used in the user experience) will increase

If there’s one word of advice: watch and get to know your copyright. Digital content seems to be more lenient in regards to laws surrounding content creation. But as this industry begins to grow, so will its regulations surrounding copyright infringement and false advertising. If you’re using other people’s work, make it your own and ask for permission!

The CPV native bubble will burst

Forget cost-per-view models of return on investment, it’s all about cost-per-action. We are talking real scale in 2014. What’s the best way to increase conversion? Focus on content that is engaging and interesting. Hit all points of the way people learn including visual, audio, text and more! 2014 is the year of rich content.

In the last year, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard someone cancel their cable and opt for online media. The trend is growing that people are increasingly moving to online and traditional forms of advertising are on the way out. It’s time to reevaluate your content marketing strategy this year, and it’s also time for media producers to be accountable and show real results on their products.


  1. Hey Joseph , I totally agree with you . This new paradigm is something that is going to catch a lot of marketers with their clothes down. Great read and looking forward to reading more articles. Also if you would like to contribute a post to our space my email address is below thanks


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