Yeezy Season 3 The Life of Pablo
Young Thug lookin’ bored.

Tonight was a big night for Kanye West. he released his fashion line, Yeezy Season 3 and premiered his new album The Life of Pablo.

Shortly before his Madison Square Garden show, he shared the cover art for his new album, which was previously called Waves and Swish. He also teased us with his final track list.

To be honest, the show looked kind of boring. People just hanging out listening to Kanye tracks. A CD listening party if you will. Young Thug was having none of it.

But at least Kanye West was really into it! “Wolves” featured a new verse. And Kanye wrote a song about himself.

Naomi Campbell was there, and while she was posing there was a reference in his song that he slept with someone named Taylor. Could he have slept with Taylor Swift?

The entire fam was there. He pointed out that he designed their outfits. But Kim looked like the Abominable Snowman.

Anna Winter hung out with them, but she peaced out early. But that’s too bad cause the party really started. Even the models started mashing.

Yeezy Season 3 also made a video game called ‘Only One’ which is about his mom going to heaven. The entire crowd was screaming “Eff Nike.”

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