Whisper App Allows Users to Share Their Deepest and Darkest Secrets Anonymously


Hailed as the “anti-Facebook,” the Whisper App allows users to share their deepest secret anonymously without fear of judgement.

On Facebook, users feel the pressure to curate the best possible image of themselves. Whereas on Whisper, you can share whatever you want, without anyone knowing who you are.

What you share is an image with text overlayed on it. You can choose from a variety of filters similar to Instagram.

There is an army of moderators based in Manila, Phillipines. The app, free on both Android and iPhone, requires you to be 17 years old to download.

The posts are sorted by tags and are ripe with teen angst as well as sexual innuendo.

Whisper, for the most part, is completely anonymous, “We automatically collect usage information that does not identify an individual user but allows us to collect information regarding how users access and use Services (‘Usage Data’).”

Similar to Snapchat, you can direct message people with Whispers that vanish after a period of time. But, be warned: “Although we strive to delete your Message Data as soon as the message is transmitted, we cannot guarantee that the Message Data will be completely deleted.” Message data, by the way, includes “messages, log and contact data, and other related information.””

Will you be getting the biggest craze to hit the market?



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