Water in Kenya Discovered


A huge underground supply of water in Kenya was discovered. The Lotiki Basin Aquifier is a 70-year old, 200-cubic-kilometre source of water under drought-stricken northern Kenya.

This supply brings hope and prosperity to tens of millions of inhabitants in the area. Of Kenya’s 41 million people, UNESCO says, “17 million lack access to safe water and 28 million do not have adequate sanitation.”

Judi Wakhungu announced the discovery at a water security meeting in Nairobi with the United Nation Education, Science and Cultural Organization (who sponsored the discovery.) She announced the breakthrough via twitter as well:

Another smaller reserve was found using satellite technology supplied by the French company Radar Technologies, UNESCO announced with Wakhungu on Wednesday.

Abou Amani, a UNESCO scientist, says, “I’m not saying this could solve all of the problems because from finding water to providing water to the population is another step. We need to have investment, we need to put in place infrastructure and so on.”

UNESCO has still not tested the quality of the water.

Wakhungu says this is a critical discovery for Kenya, “This newly found wealth of water opens a door to a more prosperous future for the people of Turkana and the nation as a whole.”


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