VMAs 2015 Performance Justin Bieber Crying: Where Are U Know, What Do U Mean, Is He Back?


Justin Bieber broke and cried after his performance at the VMAs. He did an amazing job performing “Where Are U Now” and “What do U Mean.” 

His dance moves and falsetto were on point. During his act he floated up the ceiling and landed back on the ground. That’s when he fell to the ground and start balling.

While his Skrillrex and Diplo song has been climbing the charts all summer, the pop star has been keeping an unusually low profile. 

Maybe it was because of his aggressive antics. Argentina issued a warrant for his arrest and he is being charged with a misdemeanour for vandalism in an egg-throwing case.

Before performing, he tweeted “[Britney] I’m back.” And he means it.

What do you think? Can Justin Bieber’s VMA Performance recover his image and solidify himself as a pop icon again? Let me know in the comments below!


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