Video Marketing Statistics 2014: You Should Probably Get a Video


video marketing statistics 2014 city of toronto illustrationAre you currently not using video in your marketing strategy? Well, you’re not alone. Just 22% of businesses plan on releasing a video within the next 12 months.

That is quite a shame, since video is the most powerful form of advertising out there. The proof is in the numbers:

45.4% of the American population watches at least one online video a month
-Internationally, 100 million people watch online video every day
-The average time spent viewing video in December 2011 among 182 million Internet users was 23.2 hours
-Consumers watched over 48 billion online videos in July 2013, 7.4 billion minutes of which were advertisements
-LookTracker revealed that using video results in higher amounts of traffic to your web page
-According to Forbes, if the information was presented in text or video, 59% of executives would rather watch the video
-64% of users are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video
-80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days
-Landing Pages with video have up to 800% more conversions than the same page without
-Video promotion is 6 times more effective than print and online ads (Atlas)
Video content is shared, on average, 1200% more times than links and text combined (Simply Measured)
-GetResponse found that, in a study of over 800,000 e-mails sent from their Pro accounts, e-mails with video saw a 5.6% higher open rate and a 96.4% higher click-through rate than those without. Experian, on the other hand, found that when “video” was used in the subject line of an e-mail, open rates increased by 7%.

I notice that when I’m at work I like to listen to YouTube videos with my headphones. It’s not necessarily all about the visual, but about the audio as well.

Video allows for the engagement of all different types of learners and is therefore the most effective way to market your brand. It’s no wonder that video is becoming the fastest growing form of advertising and social media channels are racing to include video in their programming.

You can package your video content in so many different ways: have it on your landing video, your social media channels, at a trade show, in a presentation, take stills to put on flickr, the list goes on. With digital technology being on par with film cameras and prosumers (such as myself) with creative abilities evolving, it has never been easier to create an outstanding production!



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