Urban Squash Toronto is Raising a Racket: The after-school program is applying for two grants chosen by voters

Urban Squash Toronto

Urban Squash Toronto provides academic tutoring and squash training to youth. The after-school program serves youth from at-risk communities, including Jane and Finch.

The Jane and Finch area has a 46% high-school graduation rate. Urban Squash Toronto is based off at U.S. model that has 15 operating programs. These programs found their youth have a 99% chance of high-school graduation rate and most pursue post-secondary education.

The free program provides safe transportation, meals, tutoring, and squash training. The kids work with iconic squash players (Jonathon Power and Clive Caldwell just to name a few). The program is endorsed by the likes of Tie Domi and Nick Kypreos.

The not-for-profit is applying for the Aviva Community Fund. The $1,000,000 fund makes “a difference by supporting what matters most to Canadians, helping passionate people like you make positive change in their community.” Voting begins October 20.

Urban Squash Toronto is also applying for the Game on Toronto! grant. The grant is meant to enhance the experience of the TORONTO 2014 Games and “the City’s goals for economic development and tourism, sport development and healthy living, and resident engagement and cultural celebration.” Voting opens Wednesday October 15!

I helped make a video for both of the grant applications, so please have a look above, and get your voting fingers ready!

Film, edit, voice recording, script writing, interviewing by Corporate Video Production Toronto by Joseph Morris
Script writing, interviewing, editing by Shivani Ruparell, Executive Director, Urban Squash Toronto
Produced by Don Givelos, Stand Out Media


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