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Upload Video to Instagram Android Joseph Morris

Upload Video to Instagram Android Sequence Settings

So you’re looking to upload video to Instagram on Android? After all, it’s been reported that use of YouTube is going down amongst teens. So if you’re marketing to this demographic, you should probably hop on the Instagram video bandwagon.

It can be very tricky, especially since it is different for both Android and iOS. Android phones don’t bode very well with Quicktime files, so you have to workaround that. Or at least I had to, and it took forever trying to figure out the right settings. So I did this little Instagram video for Android tutorial to help you out.

When you create a new sequence in Premiere or Final Cut Pro, you will have to make a new preset. Go into your advanced settings and change it so your settings match these:

Timebase: 29.97 or 23.976 (depending on your footage)
Video size: 640×640
Aspect ratio: Square Pixels (1.0)
Fields: No Fields (Progressive Scan)
Audio sample rate: 44100 HZ
Video size: 640×640
Frame rate: 29.97 or 23.976
Audio: 44100 HZ Mono AAC

Make sure to save the preset so you don’t have to do this again!

Edit your sequence to just 15 seconds.

Finally, when you render for Android, ensure these are your settings:

Upload Video to Instagram Android Joseph Morris

Format: H.264
Video: 640×640
Frame rate: 29.97
Field Order: Progressive
Aspect: Square Pixels (1.0)
TV Standard: NTSC
Profile: High
Level: 3.1
Check “Render at Maximum Depth”
Bitrate Encoding: VBR, 2 Pass
Target Bitrate: 1.25
Max Bitrate: 1.5
Audio Format: AAC
Audio Codec: AAC
Sample Rate: 44100 HZ
Channels: Mono
Audio Quality: High
Bitrate: 128
Check use maximum render quality

You can always Queue your media using Adobe Media Encoder if you want to save time and continue working on another project.

When you are done rendering, send your video to your phone using your e-mail or Dropbox. Download then upload the video to Instagram Android.


Now your video can be geotagged. If a customer is shopping they can watch a video about your business on their iPhone or iPad using Apps such as Instagram and Foursquare!

Tweet me @jldmorris if you need any help!


  1. Doesn’t work on my Note 2 (Android w/ Jelly Bean update). There seems to be an issues with Android at the moment. Tried EVERYTHING, reset, uninstall, emailed myself the file, tried various types of exporting through gallery AND dropbox, various export settings, lowered the quality, mono/stereo, h264/mp4/mov… I even tried loading previous files that worked prior and have been uploaded to IG. NOTHING. Thats what convinced me its currently broken. I give up (Feb 18, 2014)

  2. I manage the Instagram account of a team that makes parties here in Cagliari. I followed all those steps but I leaved the original bitrate of the audio ( 320 kbps stereo ). The result it’s good, it’s surely high quality, i can’t understand how 64kbps mono can sound good if we’re talking about music

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