UEFA Champions League UCL Final Highlights: Cristiano Ronaldo’s winning penalty kick, Yannick Carrasco kisses girlfriend


UEFA Champions League UCL Final HighlightsJust like 2014, the UEFA Champions League Final ended with Real Madrid winning, Atletico Madrid heartbreak and Cristiano Ronaldo shirtless.

After the game went to the penalty kicks, Cristiano sank the winning penalty to take home Real Madrid’s second Champions League title of the last three years.

Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid went into overtime. And after the 30 minutes, no one scored.

Sergio Ramos scored the first goal in the first half. The goal was Ramos’s first in the Champions League since the 2014 final, when he scored a late equalizer to send them into extra time.

Atletico substitute Yannick Carrasco scored a goal in the 79th minute that tied the game.

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