Trump Rally Chicago Shut Down Due to Security Concerns, University of Illinois


Trump Rally Chicago Shut DownNothing gets me going quite like democracy does. So when I found out the Trump Rally in Chicago was shut down because of protesters. But then I took a closer look at the footage, and it wasn’t done very peacefully. So I’m kind of on the fence about it.

The Trump Rally took place at The University of Illinois. This University is known as a civil rights hub with a large immigrant student body. Teachers beforehand petitioned to shut down the rally due to it creating a “hostile” environment.

And even before the event took place, protesters were showing up hours before. They were holding signs like “Build A Wall Around Trump I Will Pay For It.” The police presence was heavy complete with barricades between Trump supporters and protesters.

Supporters were chanting “Illegal is illegal” and one protester yelled back, “Racist!” This was the first time in the White House bid that there was an equal mix of supporters and protesters at a rally.

Meanwhile Donald Trump was nowhere to be found. So did he cancel due to security concerns or did he simply not show up?

As a fight broke out the CNN news reporter says, “Nobody delights in this this is a very sad scene that we’re seeing this is supposed to be American democracy in action and instead what we’re seeing is just total chaos.” But if you’re campaign is based on hatred it seems that this reaction is inevitable. I am not condoning this behavior at all, but isn’t democracy about showing both sides of the spectrum?

One protester screamed to the camera, “Jesus is the most high god and you bitches are done.” At the same time he referenced and put down other religions.

Watch footage from the Trump Rally Chicago above and let me know your thoughts if this was democracy at work.


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