Donald Trump Inauguration Concert 2017: Melania Allegedly Reminded Him To Stand Up, Piano Guys Performance


Donald Trump Inauguration Concert 2017: Melania Allegedly Reminded Him To Stand Up, Piano Guys PerformanceYouTube sensations The Piano Guys performed at the Trump Inauguration concert last night at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. The concert only had 10,000 attendees while the 2007 concert for President Barack Obama had 400,000. Donald and Melania Trump along with their family were seated by the stage behind a protective barricade as performers like 3 Doors Down, Toby Keith, and Jon Voight played. The real-estate mogul reportedly had difficulty enlisting A-listers to play at the celebration, with a number of stars – like Celine Dion and Elton John – refusing to perform.

The Piano Guys broke open a piano to sing One Direction’s “Thats What Makes You Beautiful.” But one thing stood out. As the lead singer asked the crowd to “stand up if you love America,” Donald Trump allegedly didn’t stand. Melanie had to nudge him.

Users took to Twitter to acknowledge this quirk. Vincent Patierno writes, “if you love America please stand up! **Trump: remains sitting.”

Cher, Julienne Moore, Katy Perry and Amy Schumer have said they will join an anticipated 220,000 crowd protesting The Donald at the Women’s March on Washington, set to take place the day after the inauguration.

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  1. He obviously didn’t hear what they said or he would have been the first one standing, enough said. Donald Trump loves America I am 100% confident, something I could never say with the previous inhabitant at 1800 Pa ave.

    • Clearly he’s a jerk who now in habits the White House and he’s a doofus. I just can’t help but laugh. The idiot has no class..AT ALL!! This is gonna be so much fun. All you Dumpster supporters ever do is always try to divert direct criticism by saying something about Pres. Obama or Hillary. Get over yourself and get ready to take just like you dished it out!! Blahhahahaha!!!

  2. We’ll see how much confidence you have “Bruce” for your President whose been married 3 times. Yes dear! By all means he loves America! Just not America women. Guess that’s why he marries foreign women. But ya’ll don’t want to talk about that do ya?? Hahahahahahaha..There’s is NOTHING Presidential about that clown who now lives @ 1600 Penn Ave.

  3. He’s the President ! He has the right to married whom he wants.
    I respect the fact that he’s transparent, you know where he’s coming from . Who would have known that the former President would approve same sex marriage or transgender restrooms. President Donald Trump is not perfect , but at least he know a man is a man and a woman is a woman . I don’t like certain things he says , again I say he’s transparent . I pray that God would direct his steps and put the right people in his path. ONCE AGAIN NO ONE IS PERFECT, including myself .


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