Trinity Bradshaw on opening for Shania Twain and her new single “Never Drinkin’ Again”


One of the first things Trinity Bradshaw asked me was how to spell my name: “Is that with an e?” I was then presented with a signed copy of her EP “Open Skies”. That was just the beginning of her infectious charm. She also noted that mine and MoVernie’s name perfectly blend into, “Mojo.” I think we’ll be using that from now on.

Bradshaw is a talented singer-songwriter and performer hailing from the East Coast. Her music career began when she became the youngest winner of the Summerside Festival Talent Search at 14. Moving to Calgary in 2011, she went on to win numerous awards including Female Artist of the Year and Song of the Year at the Alberta Country Music Awards.

With lyrics like, “One drink, two drink, floor,” her new single “Never Drinkin’ Again” is a super fun drinking anthem. Her EP “Open Skies” was recorded at Blackbird Studios in Nashville with the likes of Chad Cromwell (Neil Young, Taylor Swift) and Tim Marks (Taylor Swift, Jewel). Bradshaw is a burgeoning Taylor Swift with a lot more edge and killer sense of humour.

Bradshaw will be opening for Shania Twain at the Founders Week Concert in Charlottetown, PEI. As Bradshaw explains, “People often asked me in the past, ‘Who would you love to open for?’ And my answer would always be: Shania Twain. I’m going to have to totally come up with a different answer.”


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