Art Toronto 2014 – Nap stations, colourful blinds and giant carousels


Art Toronto is Canada’s only international fair for modern and contemporary art.

Marman + Borins created Pavillion of the Blind. This colourful array of window blinds, panels and shades is activated by a motion detector. The contemporary piece constantly changes into abstract positions.

As VSVSVS (pronounced versus, versus, versus), Art exhibitions can be “exhausting”. That’s why the Portlands-based collective created a nap station where you can get in by appointment or by drop-in. Simply climb the stairs and get some shut eye. I recommend the top bunk with a fully functioning charging station for all your mobile devices.

The 15th Anniversary Feature Exhibition is BGL’s Canada de Fantaisie. It is an urban carousel made out of barricades. There are 4 seats where the artists pushes you to make it move.

Check out all the highlights in the video above! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @jldmorris


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