The X Factor UK 2015 4th Power BEST Auditions Week 1 EXPOSED


4th Power killed it at their X Factor Audition. They almost looked like, professionals? Wait they are?

Yes, despite that shaky video and their nervousness, this sister act have been around the block. They achieved success in the Far East. Last year they reached the final rounds of Superstar K6 – South Korea’s biggest talent show under the name M.I.C.A.

They also appeared on television shows in the Philippines like Pinoy Idol and Showtime. They even have an album that is available in UK stores and on Amazon where they go by The Gollayan Sisters and The Cercados. The band had a contract with Star Records Inc, which has a distribution arrangement with Sony Music.

I wouldn’t have a problem with this – their talent IS undeniable – but all X Factor contestants are supposed to be wanna be performers. Producers sought out this professional act who disclosed their professional background.

A source told the Sunday People: “Producers were well aware who the girls were before they arrived in front of the judges – so it was no surprise that they were ­fantastic on the show.

Should professional acts be allowed on X factor? Watch the BEST X Factor UK audition video and let me know in the comments! Don’t forget to subscribe.


  1. I am from the Philippines. I am sure I have seen the girls once in a television show but they are unknown here. I think they should be given a chance somewhere since clearly, they can’t seem to have a good break here in the Philippines.

  2. They’re just searching for their break. I surely hope so they get what they deserved and much more. I’m Filipino, but living in the US…I just can’t comprehend what else these girls are lacking. They have beauty, charm, sex-appeal, and of course talent. I guess Philippine talent scouts are either blind or stupid. Most of the Filipino stars that made it here in the US such as Charice and Arnel Pineda of Journey were discovered in Youtube, but failed in the Philippine singing contests. Our culture is cemented on physical attractiveness but majority of them are half-bred with either Americans, British, Arabs, Germans, Australians, etc…blood. Charice and 4th Power are truly Filipina girl power. Thanks the British people for showing their gracious appreciation of talent. I hope they win…but if it’s not…it’s okay too because they already put their mark around the world. I hope they get a very huge recording contract. God bless England !!!


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