The Walking Dead Season 6 Premiere Review: “First Time Again”


Spoilers to follow!

The Walking Dead returned this Sunday night with chaos, mistrust and confusion. Rick and his friends took matters into their own hands to protect the Alexandria Safe Zone.

With the blessing of a grieving Deanna, the survivors have free reign over the future of the town and its people.

the walking dead season 6 episode 1 premiere
Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 1 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The central protagonist – and resident jerk – Rick Grimes, can change the future of the town. And the rest of the crew have to follow along. His only opposition comes from the Alexandrians themselves and Morgan Jones. Who both have differing philosophies.

Rick still thinks Jessie will fall for him after he killed her abusive ex-husband and the father of her children. This delusional belief shows just how messed up he has become.

After Grimes yells at her oldest son, Ron, Jessie confronts Rick and tells him to back off. She refuses to let him teach them how to shoot. After all, he’s sort of crazy.

the walking dead season 6 episode 1 premiere

Case in point: Rick says “We won’t bury killers” here in regards to Pete’s body. Which is a hypocrital statement, and Morgan points this out later. “You’re a killer Rick. We all are.”

The main friction of this episode – and probably all of Season 6 – was between Rick and Morgan. Rick has removed every obstacle to his quest for his survival, which includes killing and brutality. While Morgan has taken a more peaceful approach.

Are you #TeamMorgan or #TeamRick?

the walking dead season 6 episode 1 premiere

Tonight’s episode brought back the Wolves, who were men Morgan spared.

The directors time hopped between color and black and white.

The color segments take place at the start of Rick and friend’s mysterious project, which turns out to be herding a couple thousand zombies away from the Alexandria Safe Zone.

We see the aftermath of Rick’s killing Pete and how suspicious Rick is towards Morgan when he arrives. “I don’t take chances anymore,” Rick tells him. Morgan keeps his cool.

We also see Rick and Deanna burying Pete a few miles away instead of in the community graveyard. Which is cruel to Pete’s children. I understand why Deanna would want this, but Rick just seems out of line and immature.

Rick and Morgan take the body to bury him, and Ron follows and we find the quarry we saw in the very beginning of the episode in colour. The zombies look scurry.

Tons of zombies are blocked into a quarry by semi-trucks. There’s a town meeting and they decide that some point they will break through and head for Alexandria. The plan is to heard them far away. It’s risky but Rick convinces them.

Not everyone likes Rick though. Like Carter who tried to organize an anti-Rick group. Eugene stumbles on the group planning to kill him and is nearly killed himself when Rick himself shows up. Carter is almost killed until Rick is talked down. Then everyone goes back to playing nice. WIth, of course, lots of tension.

Carter was an apprentice of the now-deceased town architect and chief wall-builder, Reg. So he’s put to work building walls to bound the walkers off and make sure they turn the right way. Unfortunately he’s killed off while building the walls. He kind of seemed like a wimp. That is the only critique of the premiere: the Alexandrians aren’t channeling The Hunger Games enough.

The team is on a dry run of Rick’s plan. But part of the quarry road falls off and with it one of the semi trucks. But off they go, leading the zombies.

Daryl does some leading on his bike. Sasha and Abraham lead some in a car, and have a conversation. Abraham seems a little crazy. And Sasha seems to be doing a better after her prayer circle.

Glenn, Nicholas and Heath all go to clear out some walkers in a building who will make too much noise and draw the herd away. Which goes well.

In fact, everything was going well. Until we hear a distant horn blaring back toward Alexandria.  I suspect it was those dam, pesky Wolves. And at the end it all goes terribly wrong.

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