Tesla’s Model 3 has one of the biggest design changes in automotive history. It has no instrument cluster.

There is virtually nothing cluttering up the dashboard, instead all the vehicle’s information is displayed on a 15 inch, horizontal touchscreen display. Unlike other manufactures, Tesla hasn’t put function to the steering wheel. There are two control stalks and a pair of multi-purpose thumb wheels.

Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla’s Chef designer, said, “Everything we do has to be beautiful, but it has to be functional. Interior volume was important to us — it’s a really great attribute.” The model 3 is technically a smaller car, so every inch counts and it features a very minimalist, optimized design.

Tesla Model 3 Review 2017: One of the biggest design changes in automotive history, no instrument cluster

The entire roof is made of two pieces of glass. The seats fold down to extend space in the large trunk.

But some critics have complained that the car is too minimalistic. Tesla’s Model 3 is based priced at $35,000, so the expectation for a pimped out car isn’t too high.

Holzhausen added that the design lets the drive concentrate on driving.

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