Teen Choice Awards 2017: Zendaya Acceptance Speech, Charlottesville statement


“With all the injustice and the hatred and everything that is happening not only in the world, but in our country right now, I need all you young people, I need all you guys to be educated, I need you to listen, I need you to pay attention. And I need you to go ahead and understand that you have a voice and it is OK to use it when you see something bad happening. So make sure that you stay educated and that you do not let people tell you what you think you should feel. Because you are the leaders, you’re the future leaders of the world, you’re the future presidents, the future senators, and you guys are the ones who are gonna make this world better.

Zendaya won the award for Choice Summer Movie Actress at the 2017 Teen Choice awards. She gave an important and inspiring speech amid the events in Charlottesville.

The 20-year-old singer/model/actress told her fans how they are the future leaders of the world and it’s necessary for young people to be educated and pay attention to what’s happening out there.

Teen Choice Awards 2017: Zendaya Acceptance Speech, Charlottesville statementThis of course comes after what took place at the University of Virginia. A bunch of alt-right decided to march in protest. They were met with resistance and violence took place, including a car driving into a crowd of people killing 1 person.

RyansAverageLife‏ writes, “I wish more human beings were like zendaya she’s always sending out a great messag.”

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