Cut For Time Supermarket Spree ft Melissa McCarthy Vanessa Bayer on Saturday Night Live (SNL)


Supermarket Spree Saturday Night Live SNL Melissa McCarthySNL parodied Supermarket Spree and I literally cannot right now. I just can’t. I physically. Can. Not. Melissa McCarthy is just too funny.

The comedian hosted last weekend’s Saturday Night Live along with musical guest Kanye West. The latter of which I’d like to forget. But McCarthy told made up for his lack luster performance.

While “The Day Beyonce Turned Black” was one of the funniest sketches I’ve seen in a long time from the comedy show, Supermarket Spree served up some laugh out loud realness. Unfortunately, it was scrapped due to lack of time and Saturday Night Live released it on their YouTube – along with a savvy geoblock.

In the sketch, Melissa McCarthy plays Padget, the overly enthusiastic contestant who is cutthroat when it comes to playing the game. While Melanie, played by Vanessa Bayer, is a little more laid back and the opposite of Padget.

In case you don’t know what the game is about (and I sure didn’t), you win the game by collecting the most value in your cart within two minutes.

Padget immediately runs to the staff only areas including getting big honkin’ pieces of meat, fish, dairy products, and a deli slicer. Did I mention she also stole a cash register? While Melanie seems to lack a sense of urgency and grabs noodles.

Padget takes it up a level and gets physical with Melanie by knocking to the ground and stealing her socks. And even tries stealing the 50,000 camera.

Midway through she stops to fuel up with some Mayonnaise. I guess all that crazy takes a ton of energy!

Watch the Saturday Night Live Supermarket Spree sketch above and don’t forget to subscribe!


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