Stop Motion Instagram Video


Stop Motion Instagram Video Corporate Video Production TorontoAlong with Stand Out Media, corporate video production Toronto by Joseph Morris created a stop motion Instagram video for our client, Optical Depo.

The project used 118 shots that were showcased in less than 12 seconds. The result is pretty astounding.

Did you know you can geotag your Instagram video? By adding a location, users can find your media when they are in the area.

To upload a video to Instagram, make sure these key settings are used in your render:

640×640 square pixels
23.976 or 29.97 frames per second
No Fields (progressive scan)
Target Bitrate: 1.25
Max Bitrate: 1.5
And make sure it’s 15 seconds long!

If you are using Android, export your video using H.264 so it renders as a .mp4. If you are using Apple, render it as a Quicktime so it comes out as a .mov.



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