Sochi Winter Olympics 2014: Russian Police Choir ‘Get Lucky,’ Olympic Ring Fail, Obama High


sochi-winter-olympics-2014-opening-ceremonyAh, the sochi Winter Olympics 2014 opening ceremony. What would this joyous occasion be without some serious mishaps? Some epic fails? And just plain ol’ bewilderment?

How about that ring never actually expanding. Apparently the Russian broadcast doctored it. And there are already #sochiproblems Rings T-shirts selling like hotcakes on Etsy somewhere. Ah, capitalism.

And how can we forget the Russian Police awkward singing ‘Get Lucky’ by Daft Punk. In case you needed some serious cringe. Although, it never actually ever aired, the Internet LUVS it.

But there were some bright spots. Namely the outfit choices of Greece and Berlin. Greece donned some rainbow gloves, while Berlin were decked out in some colourful garb.

But alas, how can I just skim over the Russian team walking out to TATU? After all, they criminalized homosexuality. But I guess it’s OK if they aren’t actually lesbians!

To sum up my attitude towards the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 opening ceremony, there’s President Obama who looks so over it talking with Bob Costas. Some would say “stoned.” Go Team USA!


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