Snoop Dogg Arrested in Sweden, force to take drug test


Shortly after his performance in Sweden, Snoop Dogg was approached by police officers. Snoop’s vehicle was pulled over by local authorities under a vague suspicion of “narcotics use.”

Poor Snoop was transported to the police station where he was force to submit a urine sample. Snoop was obviously upset about the whole ordeal, taking to his Instagram account. His posts about the incident have all reach well over 100k likes.

According to Snoop, drugs or related paraphernalia were not found. So the police had no reason to pull him over. He even claimed that they pulled him over based on his race.

The “Smoke Weed Everday” artist vowed to never return to Sweden. In his final Instagram video about the incident, he says he is alright. Phewf.

Do you think Snoop or the police overreacted in this situation? Watch the video above and let me know your thoughts!


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