SNL David Bowie Tribute by Fred Armisen, The Man Who Saved the World 1979 Performance

David Bowie SNL Tribute
David Bowie and Cher Source: Wikipedia Creative Commons

It was the first Saturday Night Live episode of 2016 and it’s one to be remembered. Saturday’s “SNL” was hosted by “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” star Adam Driver and musical guest Chris Stapleton.

But two very unexpected guests appeared on the variety show: Fred Armisen and David Bowie. Armisen was an SNL cast member from 2002 to 2013. He returned to pay tribute to the legendary rockstar.

David Bowie died at the age of 69 on January 10th after battling cancer. In a rare moment of solitude on the show, the comedian gave a very heartfelt tribute to him.

“When I was in high school and living in Long Island I stayed up to see David Bowie play on ‘Saturday Night Live,'” Armisen gushed. “Watching him was for me a life changing experience… David Bowie transformed whatever space he was in, whatever medium he was using and, that night for me, he transformed live television.”

He the introduced a clip of the music icon’s first SNL performance on December 15, 1979. It was the show’s fifth season and Bowie was fresh off the release of “Lodger,” his final in a trio of albums that would come to be known as his Berlin trilogy, inspired by the burgeoning German music scene and the soon-to-erupt new wave style.

In the first song, Bowie performed a rendition of “The Man Who Sold the World” off his 1970 album of the same name. He was joined by Klaus Nomi and New York cabaret singer and drag artist Joey Arias.

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