SNL 40th Anniversary highlights featuring Taylor Swift, Kanye West and TWO Stefon’s,


Din’t have 3.5 hours to watch the Saturday Night Live Anniversary special. Don’tworry: I have you covered.

The talk of the night was totally 2 Stefon’s. Stefon, the diva, did not mind having a doppleganger. In fact, he taught him how to properly do his movements. “Hold your hands up to your nose and hide all of your secrets,” he explained to an audience who was in stitches.

Then we had Maya Rudolph doing a fantastic impression of Beyonce. She sang some undistinguishable lyrics to Queen B’s ‘Drunk In Love’ while her co-star got blown away in the fan.

Finally we had performances by Miley Cyrus and Kanye West. Kanye’s had an ingenious, claustrophobic set featuring Sia. Zach stole Sia’s wig and complained that him and SIA shouldn’t have the same stylist.

But by far, Taylor Swift’s “The Californians” was my favourite moment and skit. I loved when Betty White got to make out with Bradley Cooper.

What was your favourite moment? Watch the video above, comment like and subscribe!


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