Slow Motion Wedding Photography Captures Hearts


Slow motion wedding photography seems to be where it’s at. If a picture is worth a thousand words, Super Frog Saves Tokyo‘s wedding captures are worth a thousand words 160 times per second.

That’s because their wedding booth camera captures movement at 160 frames per second and is slowed down. What you end up with is buttery smooth, aw-inducing captures to remember your special moments by.

Now, I think it’s time to include green screen and have people running from dinosaurs.

joseph morris Slow Motion Wedding

This in slow motion? Epic.

Want to make your own slow motion captures?

If you’re like me with a DSLR that captures 60 fps, then shoot your video at this frame rate and at 120 shutter speed. The rule of thumb is always to double your frame rate for optimal shutter speed.

In post production, take your footage and slow it down to 60% of its speed. In Premiere or Final Cut, simply right click and change its speed. You will get true slow motion this way.

If you want to make it even slower, check out Twixtor for ultra slow-motion!


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