Reversing sexual objectification in film


I went to a stag party once at a strip club. While admiring the athleticism of the women in their impossibly tight outfits, I was asked by one of my friends, “How do you not find this attractive?”

Buzzfeed Video reverses the performance of women with men. Instead of two women making out in Wild Things, there are two men. I liked the masculinity injected in the performance, in spite of missing my home-grown Canadian talent Neve Campbell.

The Twilight performance made me realize just how creepy Twilight was. But the Kristen Stewards impression is spot on.

The video asks if we find the reversal of sexual objectification in film uncomfortable. Judging by the comments, many people didn’t. Are we progressing to the point where it’s OK to admit another man is attractive? Or should we ever sexually objectify another human being?


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