SEO in 2013: Getting Google Traffic for Beginners


seo-in-2013Want to build your search engine ranking for your product or service? Chances are you already have some content, whether it be product shots, explainer videos, blogs, and more. So why not repurpose them across multiple platforms to cross-promote. In turn, you will build backlinks to your site and save a lot of time since most of the work is already done for you.

Remember to add some relevant tags to all of your media by using Google Adwords! And don’t forget to link your media back to your business.

So here are some ways to repurpose content to boost your SEO:

1) Pinterest – Surprisingly Pinterest is really amazing for your search engine rankings. Any quick Google Image search for your business will, over time, reveal some of your posts. So why not take your blogs, pictures and videos and turn them into Pins?

2) Create a Flickr account – Flickr is probably the best image sharing site outside of Facebook. Unlike Facebook, it’s far more likely to index your images. Plus, it has a bunch of third-party sites that index the photos you upload (such as and Look into sharing your images as copyright-free so that other blogs can use them and link back to your Flickr!

3) Create a slideshow of your images using sites like Animoto and One True Media. Then upload your video on YouTube with some relevant tags and a description that links back to your site.

4) Turn your PowerPoint presentation into a slideshow using SlideShare?

5) Take some of your blog posts and create an e-book. Then use a site like UnBounce to create a landing page!

6) Don’t forget to Blog, Tweet, Facebook, Plus One and share your heart out! Pretty much everything on this list can be shared across all of these platforms!

So have a ton of fun doing this! If you need any help creating branding content, feel free to Contact Corporate Video Production Toronto.


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