Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump: He Will ‘Kick ISIS Ass’, Sucide Vests, Obama ‘Pussyfooting’

Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump in Iowa
Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump in Iowa

Sarah Palin is ready to stump for Trump.

Sarah Palin officially endorsed Donald Trump for President of the United States in Iowa. She says she wants to make America great again, too.

She says she has a lot of respect for Turmp for fighting the media and winning. She focused on his virtues as commander-in-chief with some pretty misogynist rhetoric.
Palin praised Trump for going rogue left and right. And was little bewildered by the accusation that Trump is not conservative enough. She asked the crazed Trump supporters, “What the heck would the establishment know about conservatism?”

She touted the billionaire businessman’s private sector experience. And mocked liberals who wear political correctness like a “suicide vest.”

She also claimed that this billionaire New Yorker who’s donated money to politicians on both sides for years “is not elitist at all.”

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