Ryan Reynolds Trolls Kanye West Saturday Night Live (SNL) Audio Leak: Will not Be Hosting as Deadpool


Ryan Reynolds Saturday Night Live SNLKanye West released a song called “Famous” where he claims he made Taylor Swift famous by interrupting her 2009 VMA Award Speech.

He claims he asked for her permission to release the lyric that says, “To all my south side n—-s that know me best, I still feel like me and Taylor might still have s-x, I made that b—h famous.”

Taylor’s publicist went on record saying that this wasn’t the case and even Taylor herself went on record at the Grammy’s.

Backstage during his SNL gig a leaked video recording of Kanye West surfaced where he said some pretty hefty things about the ordeal.

“Look at that s–t. They took my f–kin’ stage off SNL without asking me. Now I’m bummed. That and Taylor Swift. Fake ass!”

People have been petitioning fellow Canadian Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool to host SNL. Which would make him the first superhero ever to do so.

But after a leaked recording of Deadpool surfaced, we’re guessing that this is off the radar.

“Listen up, Lorne Michaels,” Deadpool says in the video, addressing the show’s creator. “SNL took my f–king Life of Pablo album without asking. Now I’m bummed. That and Rip Taylor. Fake ass! I’ve got the biggest opening rated-R movie of all time,” the superhero continues. “Are they f–king crazy? I’m 50 percent more influential than MC Hammer, Apostle Judas Iscariot, the KIA Sorento. Ten percent more influential than Barbara Bush, the Muppets, Bob Newhart. Sixty percent more influential than the iPhone 5, shredded cheese and Dr. Ruth. Seven percent less influential than the Urban Dictionary!”

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