Romney Holyfield Fight Highlights – Mocks Hilary Clinton, KOs Champion, Wife Dances, Loses


Mitt Romney fought Evander Holyfield. Romney is the former republican presidential candidate. Holyfield is a five-time heavyweight champion.

The fight was to fundraise for Charity Vision. The charity fight blindness worldwide. The match hoped to raise $1 million. Ringside tickets were selling for $2,500.

Romney’s entourage entered the ring in a peculiar way. Ann Romney got a little goofy, wearing a sideways Batman hat.

Romney pawed at Holyfield. The 68 year old even knocked the 52 year old down. But Holyfield got back up and chased him around. Romney threw in the towel.

The match ended much like the 2012 election, Romney lost. But the republican took it as an opportunity to throw in a few zingers. “Please, champ, don’t beat my brains out, because if you did, I’d have to become a Democrat,” Romney said to a giggly audience. “I’m ready to take on Harry Reid’s exercise equipment next.” He said the match followed the rules and it was “as clean as Hillary Clinton’s server.”

It was all in good fun and the event was a success. Charity Vision announced afterward that it had exceed it’s goal of raising $1 million


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