Rob Ford SNL Skit Pokes Fun At Mayor’s Poor Media Relations


Rob Ford SNL impersonation last night was hilarious, and in case you missed it, check out the video above.

Not only did it poke fun at our Canadian accents (“aboot”), Rob Ford’s notoriously bad press conferences were also mocked. Every time Rob Ford makes a media appearance, he seems to blow it. Poor guy is just giving everyone more ammunition.

The skit also made of Rob Ford’s inability to take a good picture. In most of his pictures he’s either sweating or beet red.

The world is infatuated with Mayor Rob Ford. I was strolling by City Hall when I stumbled upon a group of protestors. I had no idea at this point that he had admitted to smoking crack. I snapped a picture, and so far it has ended up on PBS and Toronto Life.

Thank you Rob Ford for giving us media people the content we need. Maybe it isn’t such a bad thing he’s not stepping down.


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