Rob Ford Crack Video: The Trailer


We are all anticipating the Rob Ford Crack Video. So to tease you a bit, I rounded up some of Rob Ford’s best moments.

Our mayor is obsessed with subways, apparently. There is this entire Rob Ford video on YouTube that is 10 minutes of him saying, “subways.”

Included in the mix of videos is Ford saying that “orientals.. work like dogs.” Which caused a great deal of controversy. He tried defending himself by claiming that describe oriental to describe asians is not racist. Hmm.

Then there is his whole cyclist blaming rant. According to Rob Ford, roads are for cars, trucks, etc., and not for bikes. I think it’s important to have both. We just got rid of the bike lanes on Jarvis, but put up some sweet separated bike lanes on Sherbourne.

There is also the video where he gets called a, “Fat Fuck.” Although, I am unsure if he was actually called this. I tried finding the reporter calling him this name, but couldn’t. Did Rob Ford make it up to get the reporter to back off?

Rob Ford is also clumsy: he ran into a video camera and toppled over while trying to play football.

Then, of course, there is the fact that he lied about smoking crack cocaine. There are even reports that he tried covering it up by using a hacker to delete the file.

This news story has a lot of layers to it. I can’t wait until we can start peeling them back to get the whole story.

Check out the video above.

I was walking home from work and stumbled upon this protest. I took a picture and it ended up on BlogTO!


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