Rihanna Work ft Drake Offical Music Video 2016 Clips LEAK: Anti Album, The Real Jerk Toronto


Anyway, RiRi. What rhymes with your name freely? Money got you vacationing in Chili. Etc.

I’m so excited for the Rihanna “Work” ft. Drake Official Music video I can’t breathe.

Yes, I am a RiRi fan. One of my first blogs was actually about her. She’s an inspiration. I can’t tell how many times I ran on a treadmill and had incredible visions of her. She’s almost as close to God as it gets besides Godney. And by that I mean Britney Spears. But RiRi is probably second best (sorry).

So when the ANTI Album came out I was really excited. Considering I DID not like FourFiveSeconds or whatever. It felt like a Gap commercial (sorry again – yeah I’m Canadian). It also felt a little too “recession” sign of the times for me #depressing. With the low key, gloomy looks with baggy clothing. It felt more poised for Lana Del Rey than anything.

But regardless, her song “Work” has given me LIFE. I mean, put that on, and suddenly I am twerking like there’s an ice cream truck nearby. That song is awesome. At first I hated it, but it grew on me after the 100th listen (yes, put it on repeat for that many times you’ll like it, too). It also sounds like she was drunk off her face during the recording and I think the music video reflects that.

In a Snapchat story she shared some behind the scenes clips that are outrageous and fun. She’s in a netted dress with a BDSM dog collar necklace around her neck. She’s so hot.

Not to mention she filmed some of the parts with Drake in Toronto (AKA The6) at a place called The Real Jerk. Never been. But I guess now I have to go!

Check out the Rihanna “Work” Official Music Video leak above and don’t forget to subscribe!


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