Rihanna “Work” ft Drake Official Music Video: The Real Jerk, Cam’ron, Meme Worthy Dance Moves


Rihanna Work ft Drake Official Music VideoSo what did I do to be blessed by two Rihanna videos in one day?

Rihanna released the video for her lead single “Work” off her eighth Album ANTI. And it’s nearly 8 minutes long.

The first portion of the video was directed by Director X and was shot at The Real Jerk in Toronto.

The second video was directed by Tim Erem this time in a venue decked out to look like my first student apartment bleached under a pink strobe like.

And here are the top moments from both.

1) Rihanna shows up dressed as Cam’ron.

In January 2014 rapper Cam’ron sold his pink fur coat for 75,000. The mystery of who bought it is now solved thanks to Rihanna. But sadly, all Drake wears a grey hoodie.

2) Speaking of Drake, he’s second the list.

Because this guy is wearing grey sweatpants in the club. But sadly those comfy pants didn’t bring us any hotline bling meme worthy dance moves.

3) The Real Jerk lets you smoke indoors.

I’m sure it makes the food taste better. Also they don’t own any bottle openers. Hence why people are opening them up with their teeth.

4) Rihanna and Drake have some serious chemistry.

They spend a ton of time looking at each other and smirking. And they both share some sweet moves.

5) There’s a bike chained up in the video.

What was your favorite moment from the Rihanna “Work” Music Video? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!


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