E-Commerce Start-Up ‘Twice’ Just Made $18 Million Off Recycling Clothes

recycling clothes
Image by Flickr user Ronald Dueñas
recycling clothes
Image by Flickr user Ronald Dueñas

Ever thought of recycling your old clothes? This start-up just made $18 million off of it.


Twice is a website where you can post your second-hand clothes online. When someone buys it, the website forks over the shipping and handling fees. Pretty thrifty if you ask me.


It was started by Noah Ready-Campbell and Calvin Young. They had just started at Google, but 6 months later quit to start the company.


“It was really fast,” Ready-Campbell tells Business Insider. “We went from our first meeting with Chris Dixon at the beginning of October, and then we had signed our deal by mid-November… There’s so much waste in this market. It was clear that someone could come into this space and make things much more efficient and save people a lot of money, while making money at the same time.”


Recycling clothes you never wear, save the environment, and make some money while doing it? Brilliant.


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