The Secret Life of Poot Lovato: Demi Lovato’s Twin Sister


Poot Lovato is Demi Lovato’s twin sister, she was locked in a basement her whole life. So what happened?

The two newborn twins were the cutest thing on earth. All the relatives were staring at them in awe, as they mumbled incomprehensible noises. The first differences started to become clear when the sisters grew up.

Instead of saying “Daddy.” She would say: “Delete it fat.”

It became clear Poot wasn’t cool for the summer after a few outbursts at school. Plus her voice was feral in nature.

So they locked her up in the basement thinking she would rot there. How wrong they were. Poot lived a secret life down there… and what a life!

She’s been practicing her music skills and now has the voice of an angel. She will be releasing an album called Poot. Which, by the way, was totz ripped off by Marina and the Diamonds.

Marina and the Diamonds wasn’t the only one to rip Poot Lovato off. Poot wrote a song called “Poot for the Summer.” Demi took the beat and lyrics, but changed it to “Cool For The Summer.”

But none of this got her down. Along with her album release exposing the truth, she will be starring in an upcoming film called “Harry Pooter.”

Do you stand with poot? Do you think Poot deserves justice? Tweet with #IStandWithPoot, #FreePoot, and #JusticeForPoot and share this video to show your solidarity.


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