Politician Kevin Clarke Shuts Down Toronto Centre Byelection Debates


When Chrystia Freeland and Linda McQuaig came to debate before the Toronto Centre byelection, Kevin Clarke shut the whole thing down.

There was tension boiling between the parties since only representatives from the NDP, Liberal Party, Conservatives (who didn’t bother showing up), and the Green Party were allowed to debate in the first half.

Clarke eventually settled down, but right before he was about to debate, he had another episode that stopped the entire event.

Leader of the People’s Political Party of Ontario, Kevin Mark Clarke is a perennial candidate for public office in Toronto. He was once homeless and advocates for issues that impacted him, which he calls “the people’s rights.”

He stands for comprehensive reform in the criminal justice system, which will prevent people from becoming repeat offenders. He also campaigns strongly on the issues of poverty and homelessness.

Check out the video above for Kevin Clarke’s performance at the Toronto Centre byelection debate.


  1. Kevin deserves the right to sit at the table with the other candidates – and that is all. give him the same opportunity as the others so he can stop going on these embarrassing rants that serve no one. and like Rob Ford – he needs serious interventions in his health – he is clearly out of balance – but let him speak and let the people decide. this seems logical and will allow another idiot to run our city – maybe not him, and maybe not Ford – but there must be another that can meet the test of the media. the media creates, manipulates, and destroys all candidates in order to maintain its control

  2. Such terrible biased crap , you didnt even mention the fact that he was protesting another candiate being excluded. He fights for democracy and equality and condescending pricks like you try and chuck it back and hammer it into the ground

  3. I didn’t like that Kevin Clarke said “coloured guy”. We here in Canada don’t care about colour. We are not Americans. We will listen to him regardless of his colour but really, he shouldn’t shout. I think that will turn people off more than his skin tone. Just sayin’…

  4. right before he was about to debate, he had another episode that stopped the entire event.
    Jct: Actually, he didn’t, I did. The moderators halted the debate to have John The Engineer Turmel removed when Kevin Clarke decided to take over the protest at the exclusion.

  5. I wish that someone like him would energize The People’s Party of the USA. Please visit our general-public Facebook Page http://www.facebook.com/PeoplesPartyUSA. Except in New York State, the status quo in the U.S. precludes any real challenges to the 2-Party system. We have much to learn from our Canadian brothers.


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